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Our Superintendent

Dr. Stockton is a transformational educational leader with over 13 years of experience in Bellwood School District 88. She coined her core philosophical beliefs in education as the 3-E Platform. This platform has become the basis on which the organization operates and will drive continued success in our District. Dr. Stockton is committed to forging a new competitive path for students and staff that will resound within the greater educational community of Proviso Township and beyond.
Superintendent Dr. Hansen's Portrait
Dr. Stockton's 3 E-Platform
3 E Platform infographic
Superintendent Dr. Stockton speaking to students at McKinley
Dr. Stockton visiting a classroom and McKinley Elementary
Superintendent's Office Staff:
Dr. Victoria H. Stockton
Patricia Walton
Executive Assistant
Sondra McClendon
Assistant Director
Operations and Planning
Jillian A. Thomas
Communications Coordinator