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Under the Office of the Superintendent, communications from the district to various stakeholders, including parents, staff, and community members, is promoted through the Communications Coordinator.  Our communications efforts include print and online publications, social media, parent letters, media relations, teacher and student recognition and special events.  We develop crisis communications, serve as a liaison to the media, build relationships between the district and community members and service organizations.

The goal of district communications is to increase parent and community engagement through promoting the achievements of the district through public relations, marketing, and branding efforts.  We also aim to ensure our teachers and students have a voice and that the public is informed of all the programs, events, and positive activities in the classroom.

District Media Announcements
We want to share all school events and classroom achievements with the community via our online media platforms.  Current staff members that wish to share news must complete the Request for District Media Announcement form.
Tips for Submitting Requests:
  • Only submit photos that are of good quality
    • They should be high resolution photos (if using a cell phone, change the settings in your camera app)
    • Make sure the photo is facing a light source.  Natural light works best.  Pictures can be taken in front of a window for the best lighting.
    • If there is a photographer that you would like to credit, please put their information in the description section of the form
  • Videos should follow the photo format
    • Video submissions should be in MP4 or MOV format
    • Landscape videos are always better if recording on your phone flip it to be horizontal
    • Again, natural light works best
  • When writing your description be brief (especially for social media posts)
    • Think who, where, what when writing your description
    • Are there links that the reader should be guided to
    • Should there be any other people or entities tagged in the post
    • Include date, time and location if it’s an event
Throughout the year, the Communications Coordinator, district and school administrators, and school staff take photographs, videos and voice recordings of students and staff for use on the district and school websites, newsletters, and social media channels.  Sometimes, we share these images and videos with local media outlets (both print and online).  These images and videos allow us to share the great things happening in classrooms and throughout our schools and help us to celebrate our students’ success by sharing news of notable achievements with the community.
If you have questions, or if you'd like a copy of any photo or video that includes your child, please contact us via email.
If you do not want your student(s) photographed or videotaped for Bellwood School District 88 use, or his or her name included when he or she is honored for achievement, you must submit, in writing, a signed statement that you do not grant any publication permissions to the district.  
All letters removing consent can be sent to:
Jillian A. Thomas
Communications Coordinator
Bellwood School District 88
640 Eastern Ave.
Bellwood, IL. 60104 
Please include your student(s) name(s), date of birth, school, grade level and current teacher.  The letter must be signed in original ink and delivered or mailed in to be considered valid.  Email or photocopies will not be accepted.
It is required that all media and comments requests formally go through the Communications Coordinator. If you are a media member and you wish to speak with a source regarding a story, please contact the Communications Coordinator via email or by calling (708)410-3030.
There are many exciting activities, stories, and happenings in and out of the classrooms in Bellwood School District 88, we actively connect with outside media to relay district activities and events.  If you wish to be added to the press release email list, please let us know via email.
Students at Back2School Bash with Spiderman
For all media and event inquiries contact:
Jillian A. Thomas
Communications Coordinator
Communications Guidelines: 
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