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Bilingual Services

When a student who speaks a language other than English in the home enrolls, district personnel administer a screener to assess the student’s English proficiency using assessments in both English and native language (where applicable) to determine eligibility for Bilingual Program Services.
The Bilingual Education Program currently follows the Transitional Bilingual model where the priority goal is to help English language learner students (ELs), who may also be referred to as Emergent Bilinguals, learn English and achieve competency in the English language and provide them with equal access to education in a classroom where English only is spoken.
Our school district is currently comprised of students who speak: English, Spanish, Urdu, Vietnamese, French, Ewe, and Malayam.
Goals and Objectives
  • Provide students with equitable access to curricular materials and resources in their native language
  • Provide instruction based on student’s needs in content areas such as math, reading, science, and social studies
  • Provide support and enrichment for students who have successfully excited out of the Bilingual Program
  • Help students attain proficiency in academic and conversational English language
  • Ultimately, one of the district’s goals is to shift from a Transitional Bilingual Model to a Dual Language Model. 
Elisabeth Oldendorf
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