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A Message from Our Superintendent

Greetings to the Bellwood School District 88 Community:

Where has the school year gone? We are well into 2019 and School District #88 continues to promote excellence. It is embodied in the spirit of our students, staff, board of education, and parents. As a school district, we continue to emphasize the importance of a quality education, volunteerism, and involvement in one’s community. Through enhancements within all of our departments, students have access to upgraded technology and a curriculum that addresses all of our learners along with their social/emotional needs. 

Each of our departments, along with stakeholders’ input, worked diligently on a five-year strategic plan, which explains our vision and mission as we continue to move the district forward. I encourage you to review our district’s strategic plan, which is accessible on our website under the “About Us” tab. Our long-term goal is to provide unlimited educational opportunities for your child. Embedded in our plan is a learning environment, which is safe and responsive to all learners’ needs. Bellwood School District #88 is enriched by all of our collaborative efforts within our departments/schools and within our communities towards this endeavor.  


Mark Holder