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State and Federal Grants


All state and federal grants are managed by the Director of State and Federal Grants and the Director of Assessment and Innovation.  Grants are one of the main funding sources for Bellwood School District 88. Grant revenue affords our students and staff with a myriad of opportunities including but not limited to summer school enrichment activities, afterschool enrichment activities, updated curriculum and instructional resources, digital platform supports, technology enhancements, and professional development. All play an integral part of our students’ success


The Grants Department oversees and manages well over 20 grants which consists of the following:


  • After School Programs
  • Career and Technical Education Improvement
  • Consolidated District Plan
  • Digital Equity1and 2
  • Early Childhood Governor Emergency Education Relief
  • Early Childhood Jump Start Kindergarten
  • Early Childhood Preschool for All 3-5
  • Early Childhood Prevention Initiative 0-3
  • ESEA of 1965 as Amended – Title I, II, and IV
  • ESSER 1,2, and 3
  • IDEA Consolidated – Flow-Through and Preschool
  • McKinney Vento
  • Pupil Transportation Report
  • Title I School Improvement
  • Title III Immigrant Student Education
  • Title III Language Instruction Education


The Department's main purpose is multi-fold. Encumbered in the oversight is monitoring and submitting expenditure reports, grant periodic reports, title comparability report, and performance reports as well as grant management and budgeting. The department also seeks out any new grant applications


The funding from our state and federal grant enhances student achievement and equitable outcomes throughout our school district and within our seven schools.  Through grant funding, the district has been able to purchase numerous resources and programs throughout the years such as: a retention incentive, new HVAC and LED lighting, social and emotional consultants, culture and climate security personnel, PPE equipment and supplies to lessen the spread of Covid-19, communications equipment, student Chromebooks, staff laptops, iPads for early childhood students, and supplies and materials for STEAM projects and so much more. The department will continue its quest to provide state of the art, innovative, and quality programs and supports to our schools, students, staff, and community through grant opportunities.  

State and Federal Grants Staff:
Ayanna Blackwell