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Bellwood School District 88 Transportation Department places a top priority on the safety of every student in our district. We support all of the district’s transportation needs such as transporting students to and from school each day, providing individualized transportation for our students with disabilities, accommodating all extracurricular and activity trip busing needs, and providing transportation accommodations for staff to attend workshops and conferences.

Our school bus drivers possess a Commercial Driver’s License and pass the state bus driver certification. We’re proud of our safety record and the years of service it has provided the district.

Electronic Recordings on School Buses:

Electronic visual and audio recordings may be used on school buses to monitor conduct and to promote and maintain a safe environment for students and employees when transportation is provided for any school related activity. 

Bus Expectations

Your child may receive bus transportation at no charge if your family resides in the boundaries of the school district and live more than one and a half (1.5) miles from school. Students who live in “hazardous” areas may also qualify. We enforce bus rules to make travel to and from school as safe as possible. Please be aware that we monitor video and audio on all Bellwood buses to ensure our drivers and students abide by these rules.

  1. Do not throw objects inside or out of the bus.
  2. Noise should be at a level acceptable to both the driver and/or coaches.
  3. Keep the bus clean, and throw trash in the proper containers.
  4. Remain in your seat.
  5. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  6. No glass containers.
  7. Keep the aisle clear.
  8. Do not compromise the safety of yourself or others.
  9. Students will follow directions from the bus driver and/or the coaches.
  10. The school, bus driver, and/or coaches are not responsible for personal items left unattended on the bus.
Transportation currently seeking candidates for bus drivers and bus assistants. If you are interested please submit an application via our hiring portal.
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