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Welcome Families


Greetings Parents and Guardians!  

In Bellwood School District 88, we believe that parents are the first teachers. We are fortunate to have parents who are supportive of the teaching and learning process and are dedicated to the academic success of every student. 

To increase parental engagement, our educators use a variety of web-based programs to communicate with our families such as:

Seesaw logo with link to site
Early Childhood/Primary Schools:
  • Lincoln Primary
  • Grant Primary
Class Dojo logo with link to site
Intermediate and Elementary Schools:
  • Grant Primary
  • Grant Elementary
  • Lincoln Primary
  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Marshall Elementary
  • McKinley Elementary 
Remind Logo with link to site
Middle School:
  • Roosevelt Middle
 *Contact your building administration if you have issues logging into any of these programs.
We encourage all Parents and Guardians to visit the school(s) your student(s) attends to become better acquainted with our staff. By visiting, we hope you will have a better understanding of the teaching methods we use and that you will continue to be involved in your child’s educational success.