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The Human Resources department believes that our staff and students are our most important assets.  The functions of the Human Resources department plays a vital role in the functioning of the district.

The Human Resources department is tasked with the following:

Human Resource Planning: The District’s future needs such as what kind and number of people it needs depending upon many variables including tentative projects in the personnel pipeline, workforce requirements, recruitment methods and strategies and more. 

Selection and Recruitment: It is vital to attract, engage and select the right people for positions that will assist with the growth and development of our school district.  Attracting the right candidates begins with the depiction of our work ethics and culture, promotes diversity and inclusion, ensures employee growth and development, which portray the values and commitment to educating our students.

Rewards and Recognition: It is imperative to understand the employees’ worth and their contributions to growth and development. Rewards and recognition boost employee productivity, help with the retention of employees, foster a collaborative work environment, strengthen employee motivation, and create a positive workplace culture.

Compensation and Benefits: The department of Human Resources assists with the monitoring of salary benchmarks to offer attractive and competitive compensation including fixed and variable components such as retirement incentives and tuition reimbursement. While money is often seen as a motivator for people to fulfill their work responsibilities, retaining people requires competitive compensation and benefits that are reviewed from time to time.

Policy Formation: Policies are the backbone of an efficient and effective District. A well-designed policy framework of principles and procedures allows the district to operate successfully and creates standardized processes to reduce bias in decision-making, offer stability while boosting accountability and mitigates risks.


We are always looking for substitutes to fill in at all of our buildings.  If you would like to become a substitute at our schools, we welcome your application. We conduct background checks and a thorough screening for all substitute candidates.
Human Resources Staff:
Jeninne Hixson-Rusike
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Anita McFadden
Human Resources Information Specialist
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Patricia King
Benefits Analyst
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Sharon Hill
Attendance Secretary
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Sara Barron