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We recognize that nutrition impacts classroom performance, so we have designed our menus and food preparation to provide excellent nutrition and teach health wellness. We prepare our lunch menus to provide both appeal and proper nutrition to our students. The variety of our menus ensures that our students get all of the necessary nutrients and other substances associated with good health, clear thinking, and a balanced diet. We teach the importance of nutritious meals while encouraging good eating habits. We also encourage parents to help their children to eat healthy, nutritious foods both at school and at home.

  • Increase the overall meal participation for breakfast and lunch
  • Expand the palate of the students by exposure to a variety of cultural cuisine
  • Provide a nutritionally balanced meals for breakfast and lunch
  • Create a lively environment by making capital improvements in the cafeteria
  • Reduce undernutrition and prevent childhood obesity
  • Demonstrate how eating breakfast can change a student’s academic success
  • Feeding the body can in turn feed the mind of the student
  • Create an opportunity to educate students on food, nutrition & health topic
  • Change unhealthy attitudes, so that students can correlate the affects that better eating will benefit both their mind and body



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