Illinois State Superintendent Stops By!

Today, our district had the pleasure of hosting State Superintendent Dr. Tony Sanders for a visit to our schools. Dr. Sanders embarked on a comprehensive tour, immersing himself in the vibrant learning environments across several campuses.

At Lincoln Elementary, the focus was on small group instruction, showcasing our commitment to personalized learning strategies. Meanwhile, Roosevelt Middle School provided Dr. Sanders with a sneak peek into their exciting project for the upcoming STEAM Expo, highlighting our dedication to innovation and interdisciplinary education.

In Marshall, Dr. Sanders explored our Sensory room and witnessed firsthand our recently implemented zero waste food recycling program, demonstrating our proactive approach to sustainability and student well-being.

Grant School was abuzz with creativity as Dr. Sanders interacted with students engaged in the fusion of art and science through the construction of roller coasters, exemplifying our emphasis on STEAM education.

Expressing his dedication to direct engagement with schools, Dr. Sanders reiterated his commitment to spending at least one day per week in educational settings. We are honored to be part of his journey and grateful for his invaluable insights and support.