Safety and Security Grant from the Village of Melrose Park!

We are excited to announce the Village of Melrose Park awarded Bellwood School District 88 $175,000 to help enhance Safety and Security measures at Grant Elementary and Grant Primary!  

In a press release on November 13, 2023, Mayor Serpico announced the distribution of grants totaling $1.3 million dollars to assist the schools in his community in developing more advanced safety and security initiatives to better protect students and avert potential threats. Mayor Serpico stated “We are allowing schools to pick and choose whatever safety and systems and security measures they believe they most need, since they have a firsthand knowledge of those requirements.”

Dr. Hansen Stockton was present alongside the leaders of other schools and First Responders to receive District 88’s portion of the grant. In the release, Dr. Hansen Stockton is quoted as saying “Anything we can do as educators to protect children in our schools is worthwhile and I am grateful to Mayor Serpico and the people of Melrose Park for assisting us in that endeavor.”

We take this opportunity to say thank you to Mayor Serpico and the Village of Melrose Park for helping us to protect students in District 88. 

Read the full press release here.