Introducing: Ron Clark Academy House System

As a part of the district's Climate & Culture initiative, we are introducing the Ron Clark Academy (RCA) House System to District 88!  The RCA House System is a dynamic, exciting and proven way to create a positive school atmosphere for students and staff.  The district has four houses that are being introduced: Altruismo, Amistad, Isibindi and Reveur.
The first step in implementing this system was sending our District Leadership Team (DLT) to House Con in July.  At House Con teachers, coaches and administrators learned about the House System and selected what house they wanted to join. 
The next step in the implementing this system was for our DLT to introduce the houses to the entire district. At this year's Institute Luncheon, they did a full presentation informing the district of the houses, their meanings and how this would help the district.
After the initial presentation, the DLT went back to their schools and continued to inform staff about the houses at district Early Release Days (ERD).  During an ERD in November, all staff selected their top two house choices.  
In December, staff selections were revealed at a Holiday House Party.  All staff in the district were given house selections and gear to go along with their selection.  All four houses are represented in all schools and departments throughout the district.  
We will be continuing to educate the district and the community on the RCA House system and look forward to rolling out the system to all our students in Fall, 2023.  
To learn more about the RCA House system click here.