Staff Directory

Baptist, Jan

Director of Finance

Phone: 708-410-3006

Biggs, Bernice

Director of Curriculum

Phone: 708-410-3011 (ext. 3011)

Booker, Barbara

Accounts Payable

Phone: 708-410-3517 (ext. 3517)

Burdi, Joseph P.

Director of Buildings and Grounds

Phone: 708-410-3024 (ext. 3024)

Greene, Regina

Student Data Assistant

Phone: 708-410-3021 (ext. 3021)

Hendricks, Rosemary


Phone: 708-410-3013 (ext. 3013)

McCaskill, Kisha Dr.

Director of Personnel

Phone: 708-410-3012

Thomas, Jillian

Staff Assistant of Special Education

Phone: 708-410-3049

Rodriguez, D'Angelo

Benefits Specialist

Phone: 708-410-3008

Rodriguez, Lina

Director of Transportation

Phone: 708-410-3027

Slater, Karen

District Nurse

Phone: 708- 410-3955

Triplett-Grier, Mary

Staff Assistant of Curriculum/Instructional Services

Phone: 708-410-3937

Walton, Patricia

Executive Assistant of Superintendent

Phone: 708-410-3013

Washington, Natasha

Staff Assistant of Human Resources

Phone: 708-410-3009 (ext. 3009)