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A Message from Our Superintendent

Greetings to the Bellwood School District 88 Community:

Happy New Year and welcome back! We are off to a great start here in Bellwood. A new year provides all of us with the opportunity to lay out what we want to achieve in the next 12 months, as well as to reflect on what we could have done better during the previous 12 months. Here at Bellwood School District 88, 2018 will find us arming our outstanding teacher force with the necessary tools they need to ensure the success - today and tomorrow for all of our 2,500+ students. We pledge to perform this work in a highly collaborative, transparent manner that is mindful of multiple and sometimes varying perspectives.

Yet, we will forge ahead together in unity to educate the hearts and minds of our youth. All of the success that we have achieved thus far including but not limited to: a balanced budget, stable leadership, and a renewed commitment to the community would not have been possible without the support of our teachers, parents, and community leaders. We have entered into the season of testing and accountability. Please pay close attention to how you can help out and volunteer at your child’s school. Several parents have asked me what they can do to help their children at home. First, make reading a family lifestyle. Read with your child on a daily basis.

Also, help your child connect math to life. For example, provide opportunities for your child to measure ingredients when making a recipe, have them identify the number of slices in a pizza or how many houses on the block, figure out which product is the most economical, etc. Additionally, explore your child’s interests and possible career goals. It is never too early to start! Finally, make certain your child knows how important school is to you and how much you want them to do well. With those important things in mind and with your continued support and stakeholdership, it’s those ingredients that we will continue to galvanize our precious school district and continue to move it forward.


Mark Holder