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A Message from Our Principal

Dear Roosevelt Middle School Parents and the District 88 Community,

May I firstly welcome all our students and their families back to Roosevelt Middle School from our winter break. It has been great to see everyone back and full of energy to start classes again as we begin the second part of our school year!

A new semester and a new year: 2018. A new year is often the time for resolutions when we seek to set ourselves new aspirations. My own personal resolution is one that I always strive for: to read more! Whether fact or fiction, nothing beats reading a good book.

I would like to leave our students a suggestion for a resolution for their new semester: be inquisitive. In this age of so many screens and different sources of information and entertainment, children can lose that natural talent for inquisitiveness. They can find it all too easy to be passive and just wait for the next piece of entertainment to wash over them.

Whether at school or at home, the more we can do to encourage students to be inquisitive, the more this will help them develop their minds, their knowledge, and their learning skills. Being inquisitive about any aspect of the world around you can only lead to more exciting and interesting areas of exploration.

Our students are amazing. Let’s make sure they do not lose their passions amongst the smartphones, reality television, Xboxes, YouTube, and social media outlets, such as Snapchat. Be inquisitive!

Parents, help us identify the strengths and weaknesses in our school’s learning environment. This survey provides students, teachers, and parents with a voice in our ongoing efforts to improve our schools. Please take just a few minutes to take the Illinois 5Essentials Survey now. The survey window closes on Wednesday, January 31.

Click here to access the survey! 


Paul Glover

Paul Glover

Our Mission

Roosevelt Middle School’s mission is to educate every child by means of nurturing, creative learning environment, with an effective home-school partnership. Through a model of cooperation and example, we will help our students realize the joys of learning and the rewards of mutual respect. We believe the RMS experience will enable students to continue to be life-long learners.

Our Vision

Roosevelt Middle School’s vision is to educate every child so he/she can be academically successful, socially responsible, physical fit, multi-culturally conscious life long learners.

What We Value

As a team of instructional leaders at Roosevelt Middle School, we value the educational process and its importance in the lives of our children. We value our educational community and leaders. We also value positive relationships with all stakeholders including our colleagues, parents, students and community members. Finally, we value curriculum that meets the needs of each child socially, emotionally, and academically.

Our Motto

“Excellence is our standard.”

Student Handbook

Please familiarize yourself with our school policies.

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