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Parents as Teachers - Birth to 3 Program

Your Baby was Born to Learn!

Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a comprehensive parental education and support program designed to assist families with children ages birth to three years of age in addition to expectant mothers/parents. The goal of the program is to provide parents with essential and critical supports, thereby empowering each parent to achieve a level of self-sufficiency, which ultimately strengthens and supports their ability to develop holistically healthy children ? physically and cognitively. Any family in the Proviso Township area is welcome to take advantage of our many services free of charge, which include health screenings, group enrichment activities, individualized educational plans and more! We also offer our services in Spanish.

Bellwood School District 88 Birth to Three Program Mission Statement

District 88’s birth to three program recognizes parents as the child’s first and primary teacher. We value this relationship and work in partnership with the family. We strive to enhance the child’s development as well as to deepen the family’s knowledge, skills, and abilities as they interact and raise their child.

Distrito Escolar 88 de Bellwood Programa de Nacimiento a 3 Declaración de la Misión

El Programa de Nacimiento a 3 del Distrito 88 Reconoce a los padres de familia como el primer y principal maestra(o) del niño/niña. Nosotros valoramos esta relación y trabajamos en sociedad con la familia. Nosotros nos esforzamos por mejorar el desarrollo del niño/niña, así como por profundizar el conocimiento, las habilidades y las habilidades de la familia a medida que interactúan y crían a su hijo/hija.

Program Overview

Group Connections

Group connections are a time for parents to connect with our parent educators and other parents with children of a similar age group. Our connections center around a theme connected to child development ? some are activity based, while we’ve designed others to deliver critical information surrounding your child’s development. These meetings facilitate parent-child interaction and provide opportunities for parents to join with other parents as they discover more about their child's development. Our group connections are geared toward families with small children ages birth to three (3). Some of our popular past group connection events have included a visit to the Bellwood Library. 

Home Visits

Personalized home visits are set up twice a month with a certified parent educator, who is Parents as Teachers (PAT) certified and well trained in child development. Our parent educators are eager to assist parents in affording their child or children the best possible head start ? by facilitating a variety of services as well connecting families to necessary resources.


Developmental screenings offer parents a quick and effective tool to monitor how their child is learning and developing in the areas of health, vision, hearing, communication, physical development, problem solving, and social/emotional development. When parents opt to receive home-based visits with a parent educator, their screenings will occur within the parent’s home.

Are You Interested in Services?

If you are interested in receiving more personalized information, please email a member of our staff. You may also visit our physical site located at 3519 Wilcox Ave., Bellwood, Illinois 60104 or feel free to reach us by phone at (708) 410.3731.

We invite you to take a moment to learn more about the importance of the Parents as Teachers program by watching our program video.