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McKinley Elementary

A Message from Our Principal

Hello McKinley School Families!

Summer is almost over and we are looking forward to welcoming you all back to a new school year. As many of you know, some things have changed.

You have a new principal, Mr. Raymond Moland, and you have a new assistant principal, Mrs. Michelle Owens. We are very excited to be here serving the McKinley School families. We have a very dedicated staff with a few new faces that are also excited for your return.

Over the next few weeks, there will be tons of communication between the district leaders, the school building leaders, you and your families. Please pay attention to these items and look for them.

This year at McKinley School, our focus will be on excellence, equity and engagement.

As a school, we look forward to providing an excellent education for our students and maintaining an environment that is especially conducive to learning. We will strive to create better and more opportunities for students to learn and improve. Providing an environment conducive to learning means that we plan on providing a safe environment and one rich in opportunities for students to learn.

This year at McKinley School, our focus will be on providing an equitable education for our students. We know that our students learn in different ways. As educators, we will continue our own development to meet our students where they are in their learning and strive to improve their opportunities for academic and personal growth.

This year at McKinley School, our focus will be on increasing engagement of our educational professionals, our students and our families. More than ever, it is important that we all work together to provide our students with opportunities that engage their intellect, provide opportunities that engage their creativity, and provide opportunities that ensure their growth academically, socially, and emotionally. This year and those to follow, we want to increase the engagement that happens across all stakeholders for our students.

McKinley families, we know that you will join us in our efforts to provide the most positive experience for our students. We look forward to working with you. If there is ever a question, please feel free to email or call your child’s teacher. We are all here to serve our students and prepare them for the next level of education and opportunities throughout high school, college and beyond.

Sincerely Yours in Education,

Raymond Moland

Raymond Moland
McKinley Elementary School

¡Hola familias de la escuela McKinley!

El verano casi ha terminado y esperamos darles la bienvenida a todos a un nuevo año escolar. Como muchos de ustedes saben, algunas cosas han cambiado.

Tiene un nuevo director, el Sr. Raymond Moland, y una nueva subdirectora, la Sra. Michelle Owens. Estamos muy emocionados de estar aquí sirviendo a las familias de la escuela McKinley. Contamos con un personal muy dedicado con algunas caras nuevas que también están emocionados por su regreso.

Durante las próximas semanas, habrá toneladas de comunicación entre los líderes del distrito, los líderes del edificio escolar, usted y sus familias. Por favor, preste atención a estos artículos y búsquelos.

Este año en la Escuela McKinley, nuestro enfoque estará en la excelencia, la equidad y el compromiso. Como escuela, esperamos brindar una excelente educación a nuestros estudiantes y mantener un entorno especialmente propicio para el aprendizaje. Nos esforzaremos por crear mejores y más oportunidades para que los estudiantes aprendan y mejoren. Brindar un ambiente propicio para el aprendizaje significa que planeamos brindar un ambiente seguro y rico en oportunidades para que los estudiantes aprendan.

Este año en la Escuela McKinley, nuestro enfoque será brindar una educación equitativa para nuestros estudiantes. Sabemos que nuestros alumnos aprenden de diferentes maneras. Como educadores, continuaremos con nuestro propio desarrollo para encontrar a nuestros estudiantes donde se encuentran en su aprendizaje y esforzarnos por mejorar sus oportunidades de crecimiento académico y personal.

Este año en la Escuela McKinley, nuestro enfoque será aumentar la participación de nuestros profesionales de la educación, nuestros estudiantes y nuestras familias. Más que nunca, es importante que todos trabajemos juntos para brindar a nuestros estudiantes oportunidades que involucren su intelecto, brinden oportunidades que involucren su creatividad y brinden oportunidades que aseguren su crecimiento académico, social y emocional. Este año y los siguientes, queremos aumentar el compromiso que ocurre entre todas las partes interesadas para nuestros estudiantes.

Familias de McKinley, sabemos que se unirán a nosotros en nuestros esfuerzos para brindar la experiencia más positiva para nuestros estudiantes. Esperamos con interés trabajar con usted. Si alguna vez tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en enviar un correo electrónico o llamar al maestro de su hijo. Todos estamos aquí para servir a nuestros estudiantes y prepararlos para el siguiente nivel de educación y oportunidades en la escuela secundaria, la universidad y más allá.

Atentamente en Educación,

Raymond Moland

Raymond Moland
Escuela primaria McKinley

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students with equal opportunities for a quality educational experience and to progressively challenge their individual potential so they become successful individuals. We believe that with the right guidance and opportunities, students can succeed and “become what they want to be.”

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum, published by Pearson, meets state standards and encourages mastery in the core subjects of reading, math, and language arts while incorporating science and social studies. To round out our curriculum, students participate in physical education, art, and music weekly. We also make our computer lab and media center available daily to enrich student learning.

Throughout the year, students prepare and present an assembly to showcase what they’ve been learning. Each grade level is responsible for one program. We invite you to join us for these events. Please note the dates on our calendar.