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Lincoln Elementary

A Message from Our Principal

Welcome to our page!

It has been a pleasure leading Lincoln Elementary School, and it is with great anticipation that we begin the 2018–2019 school year. I would like to welcome all of our new family members, staff, students, and parents and to say thank you to our returning Lion family for their support and encouragement. 

Our Lion staff is a phenomenal team of educators who prioritize the care and concern for all students. At Lincoln, we are nurturing a culture driven by two unwavering beliefs: learning and respect. In order to support our beliefs, we have targeted four goals for the 2018–2019 school year: increased scores on the NWEA - Map assessment, increased school attendance, an instructional focus on small group instruction, and setting clear expectations. In addition to our targeted goals, we are excited about the continuance of during and after-school programming to support our students’ social/emotional, athletic, and arts development. 

Some of our during and after school programming will include safety patrol, chorus, band, Spanish lesson (for kindergarten through second grade students), basketball, cheerleading, chess club, and student council. Our partnership with the distinguished ladies of the West Towns, The Links, Inc. will continue as well. Through the partnership, selected students will participate in our Boys in Blazers and Gemstones mentoring programs this school year. We are also looking forward to many other tremendous supports and programming that the West Towns, The Links, Inc. will provide throughout the year. 

We welcome you to become involved in our school community. Throughout the school year, we will have opportunities for you to support school programming. Our parent liaison, Mrs. Patricia Crawford, leads many parent engagement activities and would be happy to assist you in finding out more about the district’s activities and initiatives. We also invite you to be a part of our dynamic PTO. The PTO serves as an integral part in helping our school thrive. As opportunities arise, I sincerely look forward to meeting you and building positive parent/school relationships. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Respectfully yours,

Rosalind Banks

Our Mission

Lincoln Elementary’s mission is to create an educational environment that ensures every student is prepared to become a responsible citizen. We provide a safe, exciting place to learn where all students are respected, success-oriented, and held accountable for their actions.

Our Programs

We are committed to the academic achievement of our students. Our curriculum addresses the academic, social, and emotional needs of the whole child while targeting core competencies in reading and language arts, math, science, and social studies. Students also participate in physical education, art, music, and library each week. 

In addition to our regular curriculum, our students receive unique learning opportunities through:

Clubs & Activities
Positive Behavior
Accelerated Reader