Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Technology Access Portal

 Click here to access login to AIMSweb software.

ECS: The Educator's Certification System
Click here to access the ECS system that allows educators and district administrators access to certification data from ISBE's Teacher Certification Information System.

EMAIL: Bellwood School District 88
Click Here to Access Bellwood School District 88

ENI Data Center
Click here to access Evans Newton, Inc. data.

Illinois Interactive Report Card
Click here to access the IIRC site for school data and information.

Insurance Portal
Click here to access your insurance information.
Please note this is for full-time employees and requires a password.

IWAS Access for Administrators
Click here to access IWAS login screen.

PS4 Teachers
Click here if you are a teacher and need access to Power School.

PS4 Administration
Click here if you are an administrator and need access to Power School.

Reading A to Z Website
Click here to go directly to login page of Reading A to Z website.

Web Design Tips and Techniques
Click here to access creative web design tips and techniques.

Website Administration
Click here to access SchoolCenter website software.

Bellwood School District 88 Technology Plan
Click Here to view State Approved Technology Plan 2011-2014 - Approved June 30,2011

To use the web translator, click on the fish below. Please keep in mind that these automatic translation tools do not always accurately translate everything. We do not mean to offend anyone.
Use at your own discretion.