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Welcome to Lincoln Primary School where early learning begins. The Early Childhood program for Bellwood School District 88 recognizes that parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. We value this relationship and work in partnership with the family to enhance your child’s development and deepen your knowledge about the importance of early academic learning and interventions. 

Our preschool program strives to use play as a tool to provide three to five-year-old children with the skills they need to develop a strong foundation to become lifelong learners. Children are provided with the opportunities for both structured and free-play allowing them to develop essential learning skills such as early literacy and number sense as well as following directions, cause-effect relationships, critical thinking, and conflict resolution. Development of these skills will prepare students for a seamless transition to kindergarten. At Lincoln Primary it is our goal to educate the whole children as we prepare them to be lifelong learners and globally responsible citizens.

A Message from Our Principal

Greetings Bellwood Early Childhood Center (ECC) Families: 

We have officially reached a milestone in our academic journey in completing the first quarter of the academic school year. This first quarter has been an eventful one filled with activity and learning. Students have enjoyed a variety of enriching activities including a field trip to the Bellwood Fire Station, where they spent time exploring the inner workings of the station and learning about the daily responsibilities of Bellwood Fire Fighters. We are undoubtedly off to a promising start and will continue to forge ahead throughout the coming months and quarters with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment to learning.

I am honored to report that our birth to three/parents as teachers program, housed within our ECC program, was recognized as a blue ribbon affiliate for their level of excellence in executing the program and delivering quality service to the parents and families within our learning community. To learn more about this phenomenal and beneficial program, please visit our Parents as Teachers page. Your child was born to learn, and whether he or she participates in the birth to three or preschool for all program, we strive to promote, support, and nurture learning!

Please remember to check our school calendar on regular basis. There you will find important updates relative to upcoming activities and important announcements and updates. Communications for the entire Bellwood ECC program is available within the Lincoln Primary website and or calendar.

Lastly, I’d like to thank both parents and community stakeholders alike for your continued support of the ECC mission and vision. As always, we extend an open door policy to the community. I look forward to continuing to serve you the community of Bellwood Early Childhood Center and am committed to the furtherance of academic excellence within our program.

Wishing all a happy holiday season!


TeQuila Stamps

Mrs. TeQuila Stamps
Acting Principal, Bellwood Early Childhood Center